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Hospital Massacre (also known as X-Ray, Ward 13 and Be My Valentine, or Else...) was released 1982. Previous scenes: [] [] [] [] [] Long time lurker here.

Barbi is seen mostly naked in several scenes with the most GIMP worthy scene finding her about to be sliced open by a maniac doctor before stabbing him and running off in terror. Been doing some looking around to see if anyone recognizes this artist or these sets of work.

The gurgled groans of tortured agony echoed off the walls nicely. I am really very glad to hear from a lot of you regarding the work I have done on Bunny Bound... I mean, nothing is perfect, and I'm not going to please everyone right?For those who want to see a bunch of DIFFERENT characters..check out the Patreon page where I post 'Pre-Bunny' GIMP art...A true fact is that every time the clovers were applied, she'd get more excited to the point of having her crushed nipples start to drip.

These images were for submission to Hustler's Taboo but were rejected. ) bondage." I bring to your attention the stories of Kirsten Smart, who posts here from time to time.Eve was a popular high profile pin-up model throughout the 50s who was the Playmate of the Month in the June, 1955 issue of "Playboy." Other men's magazines Meyer did pictorials for and/or graced the covers of are "Bold," "Scamp," "Caper," and "Modern Man." She often worked as a model for glamour photographer and independent adult filmmaker Russ Meyer. She made her film debut with an uncredited bit part in the 1955 feature "Artists and Models." Eve played the titular role in the Meyer movie "Eve and the Handyman." Moreover, she worked as an associate producer on such Meyer films as "Lorna," "Mudhoney," "Motor Psycho," "Faster, Pussycat! I found recently on the Wip website, an Italian movie produced in 1996 and directed by Joe D’Amato entitled Messalina.